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Acupuncture, Homeopathy & Hijamah in Saudi Arabia

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Homeopathy (Ibnu Sina Medicine)

The Founder of Homeopathy
Prof Dr Samuel Hahnemann from Germany

I am also practising Homeopathic Medicine in Saudi Arabia & also in Turkey.
Here are some information about Homeopathy, the medicine of Ibnu Sina.
Why I say that homeopathy is Ibnu Sina Medicine, because almost 100% of the text book of 'Organon of Medicine' written by Prof Samuel Hahnemann from Germany was indentical to 'Al-Qanon of Tibb' by Ibnu Sina.
To my opinion, homoeoptahy is nothing more than Islamic Medicine.
This medication is available in Saudi Arabia now.

What is Homeopathy ?
Homoeopathy is a system of medicine founded by Prof Samuel Hahnemann from Germany in 1810. The formula was first introduced by Ibu Sina the famous Arabic medical doctor in the golden age of Islam.
Homeopathy is a nutural form of medication besd on 'Tabiee or Al Alami' , The Natural Law of Cure using the doctrine of 'Let Like Be Treated by Likes' or knowwn in Latin as " Similia Similibus Curentur' or in Arabic its is some what  like " Ma'alajah Al Marak Fil Mithsil"
The main pricnciple of cure are based on:-
1. Law of Cure by Similia Similibus Curentur
2. Law of Proving on human being and not animals
3. Law of Single Dose at one time.
4. Law of Minimum Dose at one time.
5. Law of Vital Force ( Al Hayat)
6. Law of Direction of Cure.
Homeopathy is one of the fatest growing alternative medical system in the world today.
There are many homeopathic colleges all over the world. Some of the famous one are:
1. The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia & Homeopathic Hospital
   No.122 Kg gelang Mas, Meranti, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia.
   E mail:
2.  The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital
     Great Ormond Street, London, UK
3.  The France Homeopathic College & Hospital
     Paris , France.
4.  Homeopathic Polyclinic
     Moscow, Russia
5.  Pakistan Homeopathic College & Hospital
     Lahore, Pakistan
6.  Nehru Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital
     Defence Colony, New Delhi, India.
There are more than 1,000 homeopathic colleges all over the world. In India alone there more than 500,000 homeopathic doctors practising all over India.
In Madinah, Saudi Arabia, please contact Dr M Kocabas

Contact Dr M Kocabas

Dr M Kocabas
Heylpraktyker D.Ac., M.Ac Phtoterapyst
Or give us a call at 966 503 321 321 - Medinah, Saudi Arabia
Fax 966 864 6664

Prof Dr Nik Omar, from Malaysia
One of the master's of homeopathy today

What Homeopathy Can Do ?
What Homeopathy Can Treat ?

Homeopathy can treat almost all the diseases that can be treated. Our Prophet Mohammad SAW said that, " This a cure to almost all the Diseases accept death"
Homeopathy greatly beniffited to treat:
Hepatitis A, B or C
Arthritis, gout, joint pain
Gastric, migraine, lumbago
Simple Tomor, growth, cancer.
Ladies problems such as
dysmenorrhoea ( Period pain)
Irregular period
Absent of period, fibroid, etc.
Diseases of Children, etc.
If you have such problem , kindly contact me at the address / tel below or E mail me at

 Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Al-Hijamah & Islamic Medicine ( Tibb Al Nabawi ), please contact me at Medinah Munawarah, Saudi Arabia.

For more International Information, kindly refer to

Homeopathic Cure The Incurable, such as:
With The Grace of Allah Subhanawatala
Ascites, colic, flatulance, hernia, pancreas problem, abortion, acne, allergy, alopecia, anaemia, angina pectoris, anxiety, arthritis , asthma, baldness, bed sores,  blindness, diseases of the bones, renal calculi, cancer, cataract, Constipation, Cough, Cyst, Dengue Fever, Diabetes, Dreams, Dyspepsia, Eructation, Poor Erection, Impotence, Eyes Problems, forgetfullness, nerves, neuro problems, numbness, high bloob pressure,
Ladies Problems
Menses delayed, no menses, painful manises, infertility, cyst, fibroid, long lasting period, endometrosis, fear, mental problem during pregnancy or after birth, migraine, fistula, buasir ( piles), goitre, gout, hysteria., leucorrhoea, diseases of mammae (nipple), lost of sexual desire in ladies, etc
Please consult our Lady Practitioner:  Dr Mrs Ummit Kocabas
Diseases of Children
Jaundice, baby crying, insomania, diarrhoea, tonsilitis, stammering, mumps, worms, vomiting, urine problems, etc.
What Is Homeopathic Medicine ?
Homeopathic medicine is made up of a refine herbal produced in Pharmaceutical compnay in Germany, France or England with GMP licence.
All homeopathic medicine are very safe - No Drugs, No Poison, No Side Effect.

Dr M. Kocabas Medinah, Saudi Arabia
Tel: 966 503 321 321 Fax 966 864 6664