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Acupuncture, Homeopathy & Hijamah in Saudi Arabia

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Al-Hijamah (The Prophet Medicine)


Al-Hijamah The Prophet Medicine

Hijamah The Islamic Medicine
The Saying of Prophet Mohammad SAW
Rasullah saw said, " Jibrail alaisalam repeated emphasis upon me to resort to cupping ( hijamah) to the extent that I feared the cupping will made me compulsary" - Jaul'Warsaii P 179
Rasullullah saw praised a person who perform cupping ( hijamah), saying it removes blood, lighten the back and sharpens the eyesight ( Jamul Warsaai P 179.
The above quoted al-Hadith aee clear that cupping (Hijamah) was practised by Rasullah saw himself and strongly resommended by him.
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Al-Hijamah ( Cupping )
Sunnah Rasullullah saw

Cupping Al Hijamah
What Is Cupping
Cupping al-Hijamah is a method of traeting in which a jar is attached to the skin surface to course a local congestion through the negative pressure created by introducing heat in the form of ignited material. This type of treatment has been practise by the Arabs and the Chinese for thousand of years
In Malay, this practice is known as 'Bekam' and in Arabic 'Al-Hijamah' This therapy has been popularised by our Prophet Mohammad SAW ( 570 - 635 A D ) as stated in many hadith.
Al-Hijamah is one of the best natural healing
Al-Hijamah has 3 types
  1. Wind Hijamah
  2. Blood Hijamah
  3. Hijamah With Acupuncture

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Hijamah is one of Prophet Medicine
Indication and Diseases Responded by Al-Hijamah
The Cupping Method or Hijamah has the function of warming and promoting the flow of energy in the blood thus dispelling cold, dampness, toxic and winds.  It is also diminishing swelling and pains.
Cupiing / Hijamah responded very well with the following problems:-
Diseases caused by dampness, such as low back pain, lumbago, scitica, pain in arms and shoulders, pain in the legs, pain in the muscular part of the body, stomacheache, migraine, vomiting, sprains, insomania, etc
 The Saying of Prophet Mohammad SAW
Rasullullah saw said, " Jibrail repeated emphasised upon me to resort to cupping to the extent that I feared that cupping al-hijamah will be made compulsary " - Jamul Warsaai P 179
Rasullullah saw praised a person who perform cupping hijamah, saying it removes blood, lighten the back and sharpen the eyesight " Jamul Warsaai p 179.
The above hadith quoted are clearly sated taht Cuppin hijmah was practised by Prophet Rasulullah saw himself and strongly remommended by him.
Ibn Abbas reported Gods messenger as saying " There is a remedy in three thinga: Incision of a cupping glass, a drink of honey or causterization by fire, but I forbid my people to causterize."
Annas reported God's messenger as saying, " The best medical treatment you apply are cupping hijmah and sea costus."
During the battle of Khaibar in 7 A.H. with the jews, a jewish woman prepered some meat which she filled with deadly poison and presented to Rasullaullah saw. Upon tsting the meat, the poison affected Rasullullah saw.  Rasulullha saw than used to undergo cupping hijamah in order to relieve him from effect of the poison in his blood - Tarmizi.
Rasullullah saw was once hurt on his leg, hence ( probably due to the clogging of the blood), he underwent cupping hijamah on his leg - Miskat p 389.
From the above stories, it is comfirmed that cupping alhijamah are one of the best method of treating diseases among the Muslim. This therapy was attracted with great attention and applied in large scale by the broad masses of ummat.

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