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Acupuncture, Homeopathy & Hijamah in Saudi Arabia

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Acupuncture at my clinic
Medinah Munawarah, Saudi Arabia

Welcome to our web site!

I am one of the pinoeer students of Acupuncture, Homeopathy & al-Hijamah qualified from Department of Chinese Medicine, The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia.
I am now practising at Medinah, Saudi Arabia
I am major in practising all the Traditional Ways of Healing of Sick people by Islamic practice - All my practise come under Tibb Al Nabawi  [ The Prophet Medicine ].
I ma not a medical doctor and not a surgeon, I am a Natural healing practising Natural Way of helaing - Al Tabiee. But I am qualified from one of the best and biggest homeopathic & alternative  medical academy in Malaysia, The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia.
You may see my college from:

I am practising Tibb Al Nabawi and major subject of my studies and practise are :
  • Tibb Al Nabawi
  • Classical Chinese Acupuncture ( Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Reflexology ( Foot massage )
  • Homeopathy ( Arabic Medicine - based on Ibnu Sina formula)
  • Arabic and Turkish Herbal Medicine

Anyone who wish to know further may contact me at the address given below.


My contact Address:
Dr Mohammed Kocabas
Medinah Saudi Arabia
Tel: 966 503 321 321
Fax No: 966 864 6664

Acupuncture symbol
Acupuncture , Pain Relief Without Drugs
Dr Kocabas Achievement.
Best student in Acupuncture year 2003
Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia for Middle East.
Dept of Islamic Medicine, Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia
For Saudi Arabia.
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You can e-mail us at:

Dr M. Kocabas Medinah, Saudi Arabia
Tel: 966 503 321 321 Fax 966 864 6664